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Users that are intersted in using the Python implementation of Voyager should reference the VoyagerPy website.

To install the release version of Voyager from Bioconductor, make sure that your Bioconductor installation is version 3.16 or higher (this requires R version 4.2 or higher).

if (!requireNamespace("BiocManager", quietly = TRUE)) install.packages("BiocManager")
BiocManager::install(version = "3.17") # Or a higher version in the future

While Voyager itself does not require compilation, some of its dependencies, such as sf, must be compiled, and in turn rely on system dependencies. See the Installation page of sf for instructions on how to install the system dependencies.

The main branch on GitHub is the release version. The development version of Voyager can be installed from Bioconductor

BiocManager::install("Voyager", version = "devel")

or directly from GitHub, from the devel branch:

if (!requireNamespace("remotes", quietly = TRUE)) install.packages("remotes")
remotes::install_github("pachterlab/voyager", ref = "devel")